Adidas\\\ x Maité Adimatic Mid - 9/23 Release

\\\ Adidas Adimatic Mid By Maité

Colorway: |Blu/Mag Lil/Dk Bluerid| Release Date: |September 23, 2023| Location: |Providence Shop & Online ONLY| Retail: |$120.00| First launched in 1996, the Adimatic was a wild and crazy shoe that suited the baggy and chunky 90's aesthetic. The oversized styling, zig-zag front bumper and XL thick stripes gave it a unique look that was instantly loved in Japan. Remaining a cult shoe to this day, Maite has been solidly rocking it of late. With this opportunity, Maité has kept the classic features, yet reimagined it as a mid-cut. Using a color palette inspired by her favorite Anime character, with heart-shaped lightning artwork on outsole and insole, this completes a natural connection to the Japanese Anime world, and perfectly frames the narrative of the campaign. Given the Anime infused inspiration of the product, the campaign heavily draws on this style and presents a visually vibrant and fun narrative that is tied to Japanese Anime and Manga culture, but importantly, is completely fitting to Maite's exuberant character. In further honor of the Anime world, an inspired Maité character was 3D created to bring it closer to the illustrated vibe, whilst the Manga style video clip was drafted to bring an energy, alongside some quirkiness, to the accompanying video part. The campaign lock-up (primary artwork), once again, pulls on Manga influences with a hint of Japanese video games, designed to place a 'sub-brand' to this unique product and elevate its communication, from the Tokyo launch moment to markets around the world. Featuring a multi-layered suede construction for ultimate durability, three lace options to style as you please and a translucent outsole for rapid traction and lightning grip.