Snowboard Tune Ups and Repairs

Snowboard repairs are performed at our East Greenwich shop only. All of our work is done using our Wintersteiger Micro-91 snowboard machine.

We tune on Mondays, Wednesdays, & Fridays. Wax only can sometimes be turned around same day

Snowboard Works Tune : $60

  • Belt grind the base of the board to level it out, removed shallow gouges from the base, and sharpen the base edge
  • Sharpen the side edge
  • Stone grind the base of the board to add a structure that will make the board glide and repel water from the base. The belt grind removes the factory structure, so it’s essential to finish the tune with a proper stone grind or you’ll stick to the snow.
  • Hand iron hot wax: Some shops use a buffer wheel, which is faster and less expensive, but we heat the entire base by hand using a hot iron. This allows the wax to soak deep into the base, giving you better coverage and longer glide.
  • Detune the edges: This will remove the burr created while sharpening the edge, which keeps it super sharp, yet smooth. For the jibbers and beginners, we’ll take it a step further and dull the edge a bit to prevent hangups.



P-Tex (base repairs): Starts at $10

We can fill deeper base gouges with P-Tex (the same material that composes the base of the snowboard). Really deep gouges, particularly those that show the core of the snowboard can also be repaired at an additional cost.

Hand iron hot wax: $20

Hand iron wax using all temperature wax ( can use warm or cold wax upon request)